Client was charged with a number of counts including leaving the scene of an accident and second offense DUI.  The DUI was by far the most serious charge and through skillful negotiation, we were able to get the DUI dismissed completely.  



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Aggravated DUI means there has been an injury accident combined with DUI.  This category of DUI is generally the most serious and places you at greater risk to lose your liberty.   If you, or someone you love, has been arrested for aggravated DUI you need to contact us immediately. 


Client was charged with DUI in Valley County.  He contacted us early in the case and we were able to establish that the officer did not have probable cause to stop his vehicle.  We filed a Motion to Suppress and the case was dismissed. 




We encourage you to review our list of sample case results.  More importantly, we want you to compare our track record with our competitors.  As you look for an attorney to handle your DUI you should feel confident in your decision.  Make sure to ask any prospective attorney how many cases they have handled and how many cases they have won.  This seems like a simple task, but oftentimes prospective clients are intimidated or uneasy about asking a lawyer about their record.  While no attorney can guarantee any particular result, hiring an experienced lawyer can make a difference.  For a no risk free consultation contact us today.  

In addition to being arrested for driving under the influence the Idaho Transportation Department  is also seeking to suspend your driver's license.   You have seven days from the date of your arrest to fight this license suspension.  Contact us today to make sure your rights are protected.

In Idaho Felony DUI includes: 

  • Third Offense DUI .08 or more within 10 years
  • Second Excessive DUI .20 or more within 5 years
  • ​Aggravated DUI


In Idaho, Misdemeanor DUI includes: 

  • First Offense DUI .08 BAC or more
  • Second Offense DUI  .08 BAC or more
  • First Offense Excessive DUI .20 BAC or more
  • ​Underage DUI .02 BAC and more

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If you have been charged with a DUI in Boise Idaho, or in any of the surrounding areas, you should seriously consider our firm for representation.  Our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience handling DUI cases in Idaho.  We handle every aspect of a DUI case, plus license revocation hearings with the Idaho Department of Transportation.  We provide aggressive, professional representation and defense for every type of DUI including Misdemeanor, Felony and Aggravated DUI, whether alcohol or drug related.   We attack the initial traffic stop, field sobriety tests, breath testing devices, blood draws, police misconduct and Constitutional violations.   Additionally, our tough and thorough preparation will create maximum leverage when negotiating with the prosecuting attorney and when fighting for you in front of a Jury. 

Our attorneys have received training from a certified Drug Recognition Expert, the highest level of training available to DUI enforcement officers. During the training we received specific instruction on how to easily and effectively use the officer, the officer's training, and the officer's NHTSA Manuals to win DUI Cases.  Call our DUI Hotline today at 208-595-5555.



"I was charged with a DUI in Canyon County.  I wanted the very best DUI lawyer I could find, so naturally I contacted boiseduilawyer to handle my case.  My charges ended up being reduced to reckless driving.  I was very happy with the result.  Thank you." 



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Boise, Idaho 83705

"I was pulled over for a DUI investigation but I was not under the influence.  The Officer did find some illegal substances in my car though. I decided to hire the attorney at and he filed a Motion to Suppress and my case was dismissed." 


State of Idaho v. Todd Lineberry


“I am still not sure how my DUI was completely dismissed.  I have to thank the attorneys at boiseduilawyer for all of their help.  I can tell you they know what they are doing.  This was a miracle.  


Jeff Syslo,

State of Idaho v. Jeff Syslo

"I was found NOT GUILTY of second offense DUI after a Jury Trial.  I am so grateful that I found someone willing to stand up and fight my case.  Thank you for all of your hard work." 


Connie Miller,

State of Idaho v. Connie Miller


“I was pulled over in downtown Boise for not having a proper vehicle tag.  I went with the guys at boiseduilawyer because that's what they do! They filed a Motion to Suppress and my entire case was thrown out . It was also in the newspaper.  These guys know their stuff!


John Cody Long,

State of Idaho v. John Cody Long

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